Human spaces reconceptualized for machines


Almost every day I ride through Riverplace, a lovely wide car-free path, lined with shops & apartments, opening onto the Marina, just south of downtown. But I keep encountering signs that read: PEDESTRIAN PRIORITY ZONE Please Walk Bikes No Scooters 


Testimony in favor of the Residential Infill Project

I strongly SUPPORT the Residential Infill Project. I could echo the hours of facts and math you’ve already heard about how RIP will help Portland. I think they are all accurate. I could also appeal to our collective spirit of 


No matter where you’re from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor


The central urbanist question for moderately posh urbanites like myself is: “should poor people be allowed to live in our neighborhood?” If the answer is “no,” then let’s applaud our intellectual honesty, and bid this entire problem Good Day, Sir. 


Energy → Technology → Culture


What if humanity didn’t have access to eons of solar energy stored in the form of fossil fuels? What if our technological progress were constrained entirely by the energy falling on its surface, and not buried beneath it? I mean,