✳︎axoplasm is Paul Souders

A selfie of Paul Souders taken in front of a small waterfall while backpacking

I am the principal and sole employee of SCRUBJAY. I live in Portland, Oregon with my family. I wish I could ride my bike over this hill every single day. In my younger days I practiced archaeology and wrote terrible short fiction. I have collected a few of my favorite essays. I am @axoplasm most places on the Internet. “Axoplasm” is a real word. My pronouns are he/him/his; they/them/theirs is OK too.

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The Glue

I know that I have always been a jack-of-all-trades, but only just realized I am also a project manager

A cyclist (not me) riding up Terwilliger drive in the patchy fog, sunlight shining through the trees behind


A few days ago I mentioned my usual habit of summiting Council Crest as a “forest bath.” For at least 15 years I have been...