✳︎axoplasm is Paul Souders

A selfie of Paul Souders taken in front of a small waterfall while backpacking

I am the principal and sole employee of SCRUBJAY. I live in Portland, Oregon with my family. My pronouns are he/him/his. I wish I could ride my bike over this hill every single day. In my youth I practiced archaeology and wrote terrible short fiction. I have collected a few of my favorite essays. I am @axoplasm most places on the Internet. “Axoplasm” is a real word.

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Rainstorm moving over Tillamook Head

October 4, 1995

I remember October 4, 1995 (2 months after moving to Oregon) as The Day It Started Raining For Seven Continuous Months


On this day twenty years ago

I have never bothered to record my memories of that day until today. Time has worn the memories smooth like river pebbles. They no longer cohere. I should have written this down, then.

view toward Mt. Jefferson in the Bull of the Woods Wilderness

The Bull of the Woods

The Bull Complex fire is burning through the route of one of our favorite backpacking trips



The cars get bigger and fancier and faster and safer but they stay exactly the same