✳︎Axoplasm is Paul Souders

A partial selfie of Paul Souders and his wife taken in front of the Olympic mountains

I am the principal and sole employee of SCRUBJAY. I live in Portland, Oregon with my family. I wish I could ride my bike over this hill every single day. In my younger days I practiced archaeology and wrote terrible short fiction. I have collected a few of my 💚 favorite essays. “Axoplasm” is a real word. My pronouns are he/him/his.


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View up Brynwood road in west Portland, looking uphill. A “yellow lion” is painted on the foreground. Road sign reads “Steep narrow road. No through trucks. Cars going uphill have right-of-way”

The perfect climb

Riding a bike up a hill is like eating spicy food, an acquired taste and one that aficionados take seriously

Narrow urban forest path shrouded in fog and mist. The deciduous trees (mostly maples) are bare of leaves. English ivy creeps up the trunks and along the forest floor. Air is ripe with the smell of vegetation, fir trees, and wet leaves. The fog lends a fe

The Local Legend

I’m not resolving this per se but I am setting the goal for myself of claiming — and keeping for all of 2023 — the Local Legend laurels for six Strava segments on my favorite hill