✳︎ axoplasm is Paul Souders

Bike parent / web person

Portland, OR, USA

I am the principal and sole employee of SCRUBJAY. I wish I could ride my bike over this hill every single day. In my youth I did archaeology and wrote terrible short fiction. I have collected a few of my favorite essays.

My pronouns are he/him/his.

I am @axoplasm most places on the Internet.

Axoplasm is a real word.

Latest entries in my web-log


My inner voice

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WFH Focus Hacks

Tricking my brain into thinking it’s at WORK  more

A crisp, snowy field, empty of people. Our floofy dog Kuma sits patiently in the near foreground.

This snowpocalypse had more -pocalypse than usual

We are on day six of snow, ice, and slush. Power was out for 48hrs in our neighborhood.  more

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