Landscape of Cathedral park from the underside of the St. Johns bridge, looking south/west toward Forest Park. In the midground two children ride bicycles across a broad lawn covered with English lawn daisies. Sky is clear; river is cool and green; some industry visible on the far shore

Covid-19 Diary: Timmy Failure

Published 2020-04-12

This post was written 2020-04-15

Last night as a family we watched the new Timmy Failure movie, set and filmed in North Portland. It was funny! Genuinely funny! And not animated!

Today the kids and I rode 15mi (each way!) in the sparkling sunshine to North Portland in search of some of the sites in the movie. (Like most movies, it collapses space in unlikely ways, e.g. walking from Cathedral Park to U of Portland to Alberta Street). We couldn’t guess which of the Four water towers we saw was the one that had “Greetings Fellow Humans” written on it (probably via CGI)

I don’t know North Portland very well at all. It feels like a different city, honestly.

Like all my rides lately I made a conscious choice to avoid MUPs like the Springwater except early in the morning. I don’t mind riding too near other people — I think the danger of spreading coronavirus in the air like that is unlikely — but it bums me out to see all the subtle ways in which Oregons can be simultaneously passive-aggressive and fearful.

Fear of contamination is the crowbar fascists will use to pry open liberals’ hearts