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Covid-19 diary: cozy catastrophe

Published 2020-04-02

From my Twitter:

so half my friends have time to learn to bake bread, the other half barely have time to shower

guess which half has kids

(Our schedule is above. Today I had to cut out my bike ride because I have too much work to do.)

Of course there are a lot of people who have to learn to bake bc flour is cheaper than store-bought bread, and now they have no job & no money.

And some of those folks are also doing childcare, homeschooling, etc.

Jenny has a check-in with her class every day and by week 3 some of those kids are in tears. Those families are not having a fun staycation like we are. School was their safe space, the place they could get at least two meals, the place where they saw their friends and grownups who could help them. Not all those kids have that now.

Coronacrisis is a cozy catastrophe for some of us, but there are others for whom this is just a catastrophe.

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