A toddler in a monkey costume and a man in a yellow hat, for Halloween

Halloween costumes

Published 2011-10-25

I am the laziest costume thinker-upper in the world.

One year in college I wrote “SUPERMAN” on my chest in blue marker and went topless to a costume party.

Multiple years in a row my costume was a ratty old bathrobe, my reading glasses, and a six-pack of Hamm’s. If anyone asked who I was supposed to be I'd say “your dad.”

Another multi-year costume was to dress up in my old archaeology field gear and go as an archaeologist. This is like wearing your old Hot Dog On A Stick uniform and going as a ... Hot Dog On A Stick employee.

God bless Jenny, she pulled together “Man in the Yellow Hat” last year on Halloween day itself.

So don’t expect anything too fancy for this weekend in Bend, m’kay?