View across Swan Island toward downtown Portland

2020 never happened

Published 2021-01-30

I think everyone has the experience where it takes a few weeks or the entire month of January to habituate to writing the new year on their personal checks, or whatever.

“Oops, it’s not 2014 any more is it, I mean 2015. I keep forgetting it’s 2015 now.”

But this year, it’s not so much that I keep forgetting oh it’s 2021 now, isn’t it, as that I’m not entirely sure 2020 happened at all.

I will remember things that happened to me in 2019 — Orion’s trip to Japan, rebuilding my bike, repeated struggles with an internal infection — as things that happened last year.

And the things that happened in 2020 — the pandemic lockdown, launching a big new project, our summer full of backpacking — as things that also happened last year.