15 Albums in 15 Minutes

Published 2010-08-23

Reposted from a Facebook thing that’s been going around

(I put some footnotes as to why these albums are in my head FOREVAR. I had the hardest time picking 15, ultimately I settled on some rules: one album/band. Nothing released before I was born. No soundtracks or compilations. No classical or jazz.)

Sonic Youth: Sister

Hearing this album was like hearing the music I was making inside my own head. (Age 16)

Stereolab: Transient Random Noise Bursts with Announcements

See above (Age 22)

Mono: Under the Pipal Tree

See above (Age 32)

Johnny Cash IV

When Johnny died a piece of me did too

REM: Document

Was released on my 16th bday

Men without Hats: Rhythm of Youth

First album I ever bought with my own money

Neutral Milk Hotel: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Makes me cry like a little girl.

Modest Mouse: Building Nothing Out of Something

The soundtrack to my divorce.

Pixies: Doolittle

my freshman year of college

Jane's Addiction: Nothing's shocking

listened to this album on a very memorable night about which NO COMMENT.

X: More Fun in the New World

Punk + country = my perfect musical world.

Wire: Pink Flag

12XU is the most perfect punk song ever. Everything since has been a denouement.

U2: Unforgettable Fire

My first non-top-40 album

Orbital 2

I remember a very specific night listening to Halcyon+on+on with my roommate Greg in 1994

Young Fresh Fellows: Topsy Turvy

This will always be the Seattle Sound to me.