Ya Don’t Know What Ya Got...

Published 2007-09-29

In the span of a week we went from Summer to Autumn, both astronomically and climatically. Weather crisp and wettish but not rainy. Leaves in startling colors. The air fresh with the odor of damp evergreens.

We spent the day on weekend minutiae: apartment cleaning, bikewashing, running errands, grocery shopping, culminating, this afternoon, with light shopping along Hawthorne Blvd. At Veloce Bicycles, I picked out a new utility bike (a Soma Double Cross to replace my old Kona ’cross bike now in Ellen’s possession), which I can build up over the next few months. We had Chai lattés and bought magazines at Powell’s. And now: Saturday night, and I’m drinking Black Butte Porter, cooking dinner, listening to Fiona Richie’s Thistle and Shamrock.

I didn’t know, two years ago, how much I could miss a day like this. Which makes it so much easier to enjoy it now that it’s coming around.