This weekend

Published 2011-10-21

This weekend: Cross Crusade #4 at Washington Co. Fairgrounds, Hillsboro. In 2009, I took Orion here to spectate; my first taste-test of the ’cross scene. It was weirdly addictive. I knew I’d be back, but with a bike. So in 2010, this was where I raced my first-ever cyclocross race. If you just want to check out the Cross Crusade vibe: an excellent venue. Wide open, lots of parking, easy access to lots of good spectating, big crowds and plenty of waffles. If you’re thinking about trying out cyclocross, this might be an ideal venue. Very little climbing, simple technical sections, mud in plentitude, a mess of corners so the attacks are easy (easy to make, easy to return, easy to ignore — whichever). Beginners race first, so show up early to preview the course. Either way: this venue is easy to drive to, and you can buy a beer. The best races to spectate (IMO) begin at 11:40, (free) kiddie kross at noon, pro grade races just after lunch.