Oaks Pioneer Church on a sunny May day, with the US flag hanging limply in front of it

The art of the possible

Published 2022-05-25

If politics is the art of the possible* then here’s what’s POSSIBLE* in the US right now, while Democrats hold both houses, the presidency, and trifectas in California and New York state:

  • Abolish filibuster
  • Double size of SCOTUS
  • Renew VRA & other election laws
  • carve 20 new states out of SF/LA/NYC (and DC, too)

All of this is Constitutional. I checked. The SF/LA/NYC statehood thing is esp. brilliant IMHO.

it is possible* for Dems, RIGHT NOW, to lock in political power for a decade or more, & use that to do all the things they have promised my whole life.

If you want to direct your anger somewhere useful, that’s where to put it. It will do no good to call Republicans hypocritical assholes because by now they know it & they love it. Ask your Dem politicians why they can’t ever fucking act like WINNERS.

* (of course the full Bismarck quote is “politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best” i.e what is practical, not what is (literally, technically) possible)

All that stuff above feels super unattainable but that’s no excuse for expecting exactly NOTHING which is what I’m feeling from the entire Dem politisphere RN. The last place marathon finisher lapped everyone on the couch, ya know.

My whole goddm life Dems have crouched down behind a rock called “attainable” while that rock gets whittled down to nada. Would Dems get wiped out in the midterms if they did (or tried) all that stuff above? IDK but the damn rock is like a pebble now… there’s nowhere left to hide.

I think if you brought the Founders™ to today, after they stopped screaming in terror, they’d be like:

“There are 330M Americans? Surely you have at least 300 States?”

it is so easy (Constitutionally-speaking) to make a State, and it obviates so many political problems