middle aged man racing in cyclocross skinsuit, biting his lower lip, covered in mud, in the driving rain, motion blur. Credit: ©Virginia Xing, Bicycle Way of Life

Race Report: Krugers Krossing, 11/23/2014

Published 2014-11-24

Very quick report, I have other things on my mind. Rode to the race; weather early was warm and almost sunny. Minutes before my start temps dropped 5deg and on lap 4 (penultimate) the sky opened up with fierce heavy rain.

Peanut butter mud and lots of grass. Adobe wrapped around BB junction, pedals, brakes. I had no trouble shifting with the Gevanalle setup, never lost my chain, and didn't bust my derailler. Unlike lots of guys.

Staged back third. Finished 15 of 39 which is pretty good considering this is my 3rd race of the season and Cat B. Teammate Brett Ensor won our category which I take as a good sign. He and I are approximately similar racers although he is obviously faster. If he can win in this category so can I.

I have raced Kruger’s 4 times now and the conditions are always miserable, and it is always fun.

Photo © Virginia Xing, Bicycle Way of Life. Please support their junior team.