Punk Rock saved my life

Published 2002-03-05

punk rock music saved my life

on saturday night
after seven days of being pimply, invisible
secretly knowing old people at the mall
wished i simply didn't exist
history teachers give all the As to the jocks
MTV doesn't get this at all
that's not a chip it's my conscience

melissa said
if you can't be clever be loud
exene said
the whole world loves a sad song they don't have to sing
greg said
it's like getting hit with a $6 brick
thurston said
it takes a teenage riot to get me out of bed
jello said
my land i love it too, i think i love it more than you
cris said
you do it yourself, that's why it's called DIY
d boon said
narrator, this is bob dylan to me
jared said
a-rabs drive like sex fiends
brad said
let's go