Not fun (Race Report: Cross Crusade #5 & #6, Old Mill District, Bend)

Published 2011-10-31

Fourth consecutive week of dry racing. The fun quotient is evaporating rapidly. I wish I could say the Halloweeniness this week compensated but nah, not fun. Duff four inches thick and Dusty and a crap-ton of hopping off the bike: stairs, barriers, tiny annoying little runups, fricking logs. There’s Good suffering and Bad suffering and lower back pain is not the Good kind. Never should have quit the yoga and kettle bells.

Bitch bitch bitch.

Oh ugh, results:

Saturday (no costume:) 58 of 109. Sunday (costume:) 49 of 91 47th percentile both days, my worst efforts of the season other than my mechanically-induced DFL at Rainier.

I had a crappy costume (Professor Farnsworth) but at least I had a costume. I saw exactly one guy in my field wearing his team kit and he looked like a tool.

Too much driving and not enough sleep. Travel with a toddler and a preschooler is capital not a vacation. It might be fun (see also: recent trips to Nebraska, Lopez Island), but it sure as heck ain’t relaxing. Bend was beautiful, warm and sunny, oh yay. I was hoping for frozen mud but there ya go.

Photo by Amanda Erickson