My Three-Year-Old Races Cyclocross (Race Report: Cross Crusade #8 PIR Pro Paddock)

Published 2011-11-14

Perfect ’cross weather (spitting rain and cool, not cold), wheel-devouring mud, moderately technical, long sprints, great crowd, great venue, staged last, finished 55th of 191: my kind of bike race.

The little (“B”) Kiddie Krossers rode the better part of the full course. Orion took every puddle, runup and obstacle with fierce determination. Last week at Barton I carried both our bikes simultaneously for a longish distance and can attest that his is heavier. I don’t mean proportionally.

Next time I think I “can’t” perform some moderate feat requiring focus and effort, I will consider my three-year-old who tries like Sisyphus to hump a bike almost his own weight over a barrier taller than his inseam, in the mud and the rain, getting knocked down by bigger kids. And then he wants to do it again. Like heck I “can’t.”