My Commute Today

Published 2012-01-19

Painting: “Ride to Atlantis” by James Gurney

I love riding my bike in warm, wet weather like this. Makes you feel good to be alive. Bummer is that I have to use “wet” lube which attracts debris. That and my glasses get all foggy.

I largely quit wearing “waterproof” gear a few years ago. I realized getting wet is worse than being wet. Like jumping into a cold swimming pool: get it over with and start having fun.

And without all those layers (rainpants especially) I feel sleek and slippery, like a dolphin or an otter. On a bike! Like all zealots I kind of pity my brethren who haven’t yet received this revelation, laboring along in their portable saunas while one thin bead of cold water drips down their back.

Warm beats dry. Wool is indeed your friend. Bring dry clothes for work.

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