Sweaty young kid with bike gloves, in a Lucky Dog t-shirt, drinking from a bike bottle

A long bike ride with Orion

Published 2013-05-02

Orion (age 4.9) wanted to ride his new 16"-wheeler from Gabriel Park to our house (near Tryon Creek SP). It was not my idea. Jenny suggested it and Orion talked me into it.

We had So. Much. Fun.

When I take the most direct route, this is usually a 4mi ride with 250' total gain. We took a lower traffic but longer and hillier route, about 5.5mi and 350' total elevation gain. If you’re familiar with SW Portland you know how hilly this can be, and how generally lacking in bike lanes it is.

It wasn’t fast — we stopped about five times, including three water breaks — and we walked up a few of the hills. But still: my four-year-old did this.

Tell me again why you aren’t riding your bike to work...