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Frustration and Ignorance

Published 2015-01-19

I’m working on multiple platforms right now. Two projects in Django and at least four in Drupal.

I’ve been using Drupal professionally for about six years, but I began tinkering with it in 2007.

I’ve been using Django professionally for about three years. It’s been running this site, my (two) task-tracking/invoicing systems, and a couple of minor projects for two years. I began tinkering with it in 2009 or so.

On paper my Drupal experience is about 10x greater than my Django experience. In either technology my ignorance vastly outweighs my ability. But how that ignorance manifests is interesting.

With Django I spend so much time getting even something rudimentary built. But when you’ve built a thing, you want to build more. You get a little jolt of endorphins, like cresting a gnarly climb. Django means tightening screws.

With Drupal I spend so much time figuring out what the hell just happened? The endorphin rush is more like the cold sweat you have when you’ve narrowly cheated death. Drupal means turning knobs.