Eight Miles

Published 2008-04-06

I changed my clipless pedal cleats today.

I remembered doing this last autumn, right around the time I rolled my odometer over 6666.6 miles. I have the photos to prove it:

Cat-eye digital bike computer reading 6666.6 mies

Which occasioned me to wonder, how many miles have I ridden since that time (September 9, 2007)?

Well, as of about 20 minutes ago my bicycle odometers (I have two — one for each bike) read 7660 and 690. I seldom ride without a computer, and they’re pretty accurate. Years ago, I calibrated the one that reads 7660 by rolling out my bicycle tire alongside a tape measure. I use the stock calibration for my tire size on the new computer, but its distances pretty much agree with the old one.

Close up of two digital bike computers reading 7660.8mi and 690mi. On the side of the frame is a bike multitool. All these things are grotty, chipped & beat up

So I’ve ridden 1684 miles in the last 209 days, averaging just slightly more than 8 miles a day or 56 miles a week. At this rate I can expect to ride about 2933 miles in a year. That’s kind of a disappointing distance ... I aim to get more than 100 miles a week in good weather. On the other hand, this has been the wettest winter on record in Oregon.