Landscape and casual portrait of a 30-year old man in wet bike gear standing at a roadside pullout on a seaside cliff with the ocean and two headlands in the background. The farthest headland is Heceta Head, with a lighthouse

Day 4: Education

Published 2002-05-02

Oregon Coast Bike Ride, Day 4

May 2, 2002
Newport to Florence
51.35 miles
4:07 saddle time
12.4 mph avg. speed.
Weather: cloudy, no wind, fine mist; wind becoming light w-sw with rain

What I Have Learned on this Trip So Far

Breathe through your nose & you won’t hack up colorful loogies.

Wear tights under your shorts & your knees will thank you later.

My left knee is sore & my right toes are numb because I always keep my right foot down when coasting

Better to be too warm when descending. You can’t be too cool when ascending.

Quiet pastoral rides are more fun than noisy scenic ones.

Riding in the rain isn’t half as bad as looking ahead to sleeping in the rain.

If you’re skittish about heights, you’re better off riding over a tall bridge than walking.

The point halfway between the Columbia River and the California Line is just south of Treasures from the Sea