DNF: lessons and excuses

Published 2012-10-04

Is it better or worse to DNF or DNS? On Council Crest last night, freezing cold, tired legs, I thought: “I’d rather be home with my family than race alone in the dark.” Listen to a voice like that.

Race when it will be fun to race. No one is paying you to do this.

Race with friends.

Don’t race tired.

Don’t race with tired legs.

Don’t race singlespeed with tired legs.

Don’t cat up and race singlespeed with tired legs.

The next Cat up is serious. In every regard, more serious than your current pathetic Category. Practically no one cats up on their singlespeed or commuter, on a lark, without a plan. They have special bikes they use only for racing. Serious.

If you can’t pedal, don’t brake. At least put in some techincal effort.

Cowboy up and finish.

Failing that: DNF with class. Quit with your head held high and tell the officials. Don’t just slink off the course with your tail between your legs.

The shame of quitting is worse than the humiliation of losing. Tomorrow.

Quitting, losing, suffering: this is life. Eventually it will get harder and you will go slower.