Closeup, a young woman, very visibly tired, with her arms wrapped around a large shorthaired dog

A Year Ago

Published 2007-08-09

Jenny hates this picture

So was it only a year ago we arrived in Xiamen? (Was it only a month ago [+4 days] that we arrived back in Portland?) Which part was (or is) the dream: the part where we lived in China or the part where we hadn’t ever lived in China?

One of my new coworkers (see previous post for more info) just returned from China. I was looking through his photos and feeling...God, I can only describe it as homesickness. Maybe not for China, so much, but certainly for Asia and, yeah, OK for Xiamen. Wow, how did that happen?

And clearly Portland life isn’t nearly as blog-worthy as Xiamen life. There’s your metaphor, Professor.