5200 miles

Published 2012-12-27

In 2012 I rode my bike(s) 5200 miles, which works out to 100mi/week.

In my life, I’ve had plenty of weeks where I rode more than 100mi, heck I’ve had weeks where I rode 400mi. But I can’t recall ever riding more than 5000mi in one year. Most years I ride around 3,000mi. total.

I also climbed more than 445,000 vertical feet. That’s to the top of Mt. Everest about 15 times over. Or to the top of Council Crest 414 times. (I actually summited Council Crest 166 times this past year)

I’ve estimated, conservatively, that I burn about 4000 calories/week commuting by bike. That’s 208,000 calories I burned this year, or about 59lbs. of body fat.

What’s my secret? I burned my ships.