1400 summits in 2 minutes

Published 2023-03-23

On the 11th anniversary of this stupid project, I snapped my 1400th photo from Council Crest facing toward Mt. Hood.

To celebrate, I whipped up a little script thingy to make a video slideshow of every photo from Can you see Mt. Hood from Council Crest (dot com). 1400/20 frames/sec = 2m 20sec.

The first year or so I tried to be “artsy” so that period is a bit psychedelic. It calms down around 2015, and after 2020 or so it almost starts to look like a time-lapse

In 11 years it never occurred to me to make a time-lapse out of this. I wish I had been more disciplined about framing my photos.

How I did this (easily)

In Python, because Python makes easy things easy. I used Pillow to resize and caption the images, and moviepy to compose them into an mp4 file