A few of my favorite essays


Farm roads

I grew up on a gravel road, and that’s still my favorite kind of road, and my favorite kind of landscape  cont’d


Imagining and building

There always comes a point where I can’t finish “designing” something in my head. I have to start building it to find the edges.  cont’d


Reality TV

Discerning whether something is real or a fantasy is no longer a salient problem for daily existence.  cont’d



Over the last four years I wore a literal groove into the gravel behind the bleachers at the Lewis and Clark baseball diamond.  cont’d


You’re a Good Man

About twelve years ago, in the middle of my divorce, my father paid me the greatest compliment I have ever been given.  cont’d


Technique and Technology

You can use a Swiss Army knife to cut your fingernails in two different ways: with the scissors, or with the knife blade.  cont’d



In the last 24 hours the feeling finally hit us: OK, we're actually leaving.  cont’d


Arrival: Xiamen

After about 25 hours of transit we are finally in Xiamen. Flights were all smooth, after a delayed departure from Portland. The delay actually worked... cont’d


The Champ

1990 Honda Civic, Runs, Sort of - $250 (SW Portland) Reply to: anon-xxxxxxxxx@craigslist.orgDate: 2005-07-24, 6:47PM PDT This is a Champagne (transl: “Gold”) 1990 Honda Civic... cont’d


Ten Human Universals

As I Learned Them from Seven Years of Anthropology Classes Who you consider a “family member” is closely correlated with the list of individuals in... cont’d


This is My Cathedral

The squall of March rain arrives like an announcement, travelling a patient course, propelled by 8000 miles of Pacific Ocean. I hear it crawling eastward... cont’d