Web-log entries from 2018


T-minus seven days

I voted in the first election I was eligible to vote in: the 1990 primary. I don’t remember who or what I voted for. Straight Democratic ticket probably. I remember where I voted, however: in ...cont’d


Here’s a new one

I checked my email at lunch today and had about 30 seconds of panic when I received this email from my own email address: Hello! I'm a programmer who cracked your email account and device ...cont’d


Four years ago

Missing my dad this fall, as I do every fall now. We visited with my mom today, carved pumpkins and so forth. We reminisced about a visit we made at this time of year, when ...cont’d


Time and Consciousness

Putting a thumbtack in this one for later: The sensation of cause and effect — time and its directionality — is actually the perception of the gradient of increasing entropy in a closed system. Being ...cont’d


I used to be an uncle

On our bike ride home this week I told my kids about my ex-wife. We were talking about the definition of “aunt” and “uncle,” and how a person can be an aunt or uncle by ...cont’d



OK this review is a) six years late and b) really short but For fucks sake if you’re making a movie about camping set very explicitly on Labor Day weekend don’t film it in March. ...cont’d


Apple Watch review, update

Jenny kind of badgered me into unpackaging my Apple Watch. (It is my birthday present after all.) I decided to wear it to my first cyclocross race of the season. I first rigged up a ...cont’d


Running Man 2017

Watching Running Man (1987) set in the EXTREMELY FUTURISTIC YEAR of 2017. There are lots of things they got wrong (say it with me now: “celphonesInternetCassettetapesSmokingatwork”) about the EXTREMELY FUTURISTIC YEAR of [last year] but ...cont’d


I was back on Twitter yesterday

I went back on Twitter yesterday for the first time in about two weeks. I was dying inside just dying to know what was happening on the Manafort and Cohen trials, in realtime. FOMO. The ...cont’d


Reality TV

In my early twenties, I worked in a plastic factory. I worked in assembly and shipping; mainly assembling and packaging for shipment large plastic rain gauges. For a Fancy College Boy like me it was ...cont’d



Posting eulogies for my puppy and then re-reading the eulogy for my father led me into the dangerous blind alley of nostalgia via re-reading old blog posts. You can see this all over my blog. ...cont’d


We have a new puppy, Kuma. Kuma means bear in Japanese. She is a rescue. Half German shepherd, half [???], and all teeth. Kuma loves to nibble. She loves to nip heels. She loves to ...cont’d



A few days after our puppy Newport died, we took Bismarck’s ashes to his favorite beach (Arcadia). We made a little shrine for him and talked a lot about how much he would have loved ...cont’d



In early July, just after our trip to Newport, we got a new puppy. His name was Newport. He lived with us for seven days, then he got parvo, then he lived at the dog ...cont’d



On Matt Haughey’s advice I just downloaded my Twitter archive and it’s humbling. The tweets alone — which might reasonably represent “original writing” on my part — are 32MB. Moby-Dick on Project Gutenberg is 1.2MB. ...cont’d


I miss this dog toilet

Last week, I rode my bike through Spring Garden park (on accident, didn’t realize it was closed for construction. The construction crew was very jolly about my trespass). Jenny and I used to live about ...cont’d