Web-log entries from 2017


What cyclocross teaches us

Today on the ride to school, we talked about what cyclocross teaches us: if you can suffer through 45min of a cyclocross race, you can do ANY UNPLEASANT THING for 45min You can accomplish a ...cont’d


Right and Wrong

Something about right & wrong has been core to my ethical understanding of the world, and which I have never been able to easily encapsulate. I usually try to connect it to a rebuke of ...cont’d


Roger Moore

Roger Moore wasn’t the best 007 but he was MY 007. The one on movie posters when I was a kid. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY was the first Bond movie I saw in a theater, ...cont’d


TRAPPIST-1 and 90s sci-fi RPGs

A team of astronomers have observed, over the last 18months, a system of seven Earthlike planets orbiting the tiny red dwarf TRAPPIST-1. All of them could potentially harbor life; three of them are within the ...cont’d


bugs and cannabis

Elsewhere on FB I got to unleash some entomology knowledge I packed away 24 (23?) years ago, for a class I took as a post-Bacc just so I could get access to the student free ...cont’d


Greenscreen hazmat suit

I’m currently building TWO Drupal 8 sites from the ground up, and migrating a third, so I’m getting really comfy with drush config-export/import . (I loves me some drush config!) I’ve been thinking about [config ...cont’d


Donald Trump made me a better person

I started a spreadsheet last week where I track the things I do every day to keep myself healthy and sane. More accurately: to cultivate good habits and pinch off bad ones. Other people call ...cont’d


Despair and Hope

…even at that moment all the hosts of Mordor trembled, doubt clutched their hearts, their laughter failed, their hands shook and their limbs were loosed. The Power that drove them on and filled them with ...cont’d


The Dad of America

Sometime in October, while we were riding to school, Iris, Orion and I got to talking about Vice Presidents. What do they do? What is their job? Who is Tim Kaine? Who is Mike Pence? ...cont’d


Longer tweetstorm

Before 11/8/2016, Twitter was the place I went to escape daily life. Never for long stretches, but in small doses several times an hour, all day long, and late into the night. Because like all ...cont’d