Web-log entries from 2016



So there was this enormous flood. Bob heard news broadcasts telling everyone in his neighborhood to evacuate before the end of the day. Bob said: “my faith in God will protect me.” Eventually the water ...cont’d



As an exercise I'm breaking down my anxieties into a handy list, from approximately least to most stressful. Maybe I will expound more on these later. Republicans won a clean sweep & will do a ...cont’d


The first time I saw the ocean

Somehow I let pass a small but significant anniversary. It was 30 years ago earlier this month that I first saw the ocean. To the best of my recollection this was at Neskowin, Oregon. I ...cont’d


Black Lives Matter

Dear Mayor Hales and Respected Commissioners, I am disturbed by the recent deaths of Black citizens at the hands of the police elsewhere in America. I want to ensure that Portland will be better than ...cont’d


A scene in the downtown Portland Target store

Guy in videogame t-shirt nearly shaking with rage, berating the electronics dept. employee. About some gadget they don't stock? Some kind of fitbitty thing? Apparently they have it and MANY OTHERS like it in ENGLAND! ...cont’d


Glowing Boxes vs. Real Reality

So for three weeks now I’ve mostly been off social media. Originally this was to focus more on work while I am in the office. But in the long run it turns out I lack ...cont’d


Ride Report: La Doyenne

I rode the eastside RondePDX ride today. A week late you will note. (Hey I am always late to the party. For example I only just learned about twerking). It was hard. I’ve done the ...cont’d


“Cars are the worst…”

So here’s an interaction I had this morning. This kind of thing happens maybe 5x/yr to me so I seldom even remember it by the time I get to the office. But it’s worth relaying. ...cont’d


Zulu Time

Once upon a time it took a year to travel halfway around the world on a boat and so it made sense that “noon” always meant “sun as high as it can go.” Just for ...cont’d


The Sellwood Bridge

I'm not gonna miss the old Sellwood Bridge at all. It looked like a train trestle and was approximately as safe to cross. The nicest thing I can say about the old bridge: it was ...cont’d


A Productive Commute

According to this article I have a “megacommute.” I average 11hrs/wk commuting. I hardly consider it “wasted.” This morning on my commute (ie. bike ride through the trees with kids) we discussed: How people get ...cont’d


It’s OK to do well while doing good

Inspired by Talia Jane’s An Open Letter To My CEO, I (re)discovered this Medium post I dashed off last fall. Worth keeping around here. For six years, I designed websites for Mercy Corps, an international ...cont’d


An intuitive statistics exercise

Most people are lousy at statistics and probabilities. The math behind it is counterintuitive. But here’s a fun thought experiment that requires NO MATH and which employs your lizard brain to reset your expectations…and it ...cont’d


Mobile UX is not like Web UX

It is, in fact, kind of exactly the opposite. Working through the UX for an iOS app today I had an epiphany. 20 years of web UX instincts are wrong for mobile. total Aha moment ...cont’d


I am thinking today about death.

I am thinking this week about death. We’ve had a lot of death in and near my family the past few years. When my father was in hospice the nurse told us (and him) “a ...cont’d


Finn, Rey, and narrative agency

Hey let’s SPOILER TALK about the new Big Space Battle Movie! It's interesting to compare Rey with Finn. They are clearly the hero duo and have two of the three most compelling character arcs (along ...cont’d