Web-log entries from 2015


We all gotta help each other out

On my ride to work this morning, while passing through the highly sketchy intersection at SW Miles & Barbur, I noticed a car stalled — creeping, rather — through the intersection. She was stuck SB ...cont’d


Turtles and Dolphins

For about three years now I’ve given the winter-weather bike commuting advice to be a dolphin, not a turtle. TL;DR: dress for warmth and ease of movement, rather than attempting to stay dry. I didn’t ...cont’d


My kids are so badass

It should have been pure misery on our ride to school today. 40°F and the kind of fine misty rain that penetrates every zipper and cuff. The promise of cocoa at school kept everyone focused; ...cont’d


Laziness and fear

This one is for Portland friends: With a few caveats, if you live inside ~60th & work in PDX city core, & you drive to work, it’s bc of either fear or laziness (1/3)…— Pauley ...cont’d


I lied my way into this career

I lied my way into my first full-paying web job (as a junior web developer at a large electronics company headquartered in the Portland suburbs). I reckon the statute of limitations is probably up on ...cont’d


Tools matter

Banging my head since Thursday against a UX job I’ve been working on in OmniGraffle (my go-to design tool for the last six or eight years — before that I was a pretty solid Illustrator ...cont’d



Photo: @__P__J (Twitter) I went on a memorial (and protest) ride this afternoon for Mark Angeles, a recent Reed grad and by-all-accounts Swell Guy who was killed by a distracted driver not terribly far from ...cont’d


Good Enough

New iPhone battery + hard reset = PRACTICALLY NEW iPHONE. ca 2005 computers (laptops+desktops) became Good Enough and the only reason I buy a new one now is when something physically breaks (displays, usually, now ...cont’d



Over the last four years I wore a literal groove into the gravel behind the bleachers at the Lewis and Clark baseball diamond. This narrow shortcut is pretty much your best bet for getting into ...cont’d


Nunivak Island; Internet; Research; Humans

I got an email today from the granddaughter of a famous Nunivak Islander who was an important information source for my graduate research. (Unfortunately I had never met him, he had died about five years ...cont’d


My father in Baghdad

I had a dream last night in which my father appeared. Dead people often appear in my dreams, most commonly for a year or two after they’ve died. Sometimes I have an unsettling moment where ...cont’d


Frustration and Ignorance

Ignorance in Django: “How do I make my app do [comically simple task]?” Ignorance in Drupal: “How did I get this far in over my head?”— PJ Souders (@axoplasm) January 19, 2015 I’m working on ...cont’d