We all gotta help each other out

On my ride to work this morning, while passing through the highly sketchy intersection at SW Miles & Barbur, I noticed a car stalled — creeping, rather — through the intersection. She was stuck SB just under the stoplight on the complex 


Two people I met this week while riding my bike

After dropping my kids off at school this morning I was riding back through outer SE Portland and a woman riding slooowly the opposite direction flagged me down. “Hey do you know anything about bikes?” “Yeah, a little” So we 


Laziness and fear

This one is for Portland friends: With a few caveats, if you live inside ~60th & work in PDX city core, & you drive to work, it’s bc of either fear or laziness (1/3)…— Pauley (@axoplasm) August 


I lied my way into this career

I lied my way into my first full-paying web job (as a junior web developer at a large electronics company headquartered in the Portland suburbs). I reckon the statute of limitations is probably up on this lie. Interviewer: Do you 


Eulogy for my father, Vernon Lee Souders, 1936 – 2014

Delivered at the Merna Community Cemetery, July 2nd, 2015 Dad was not a Churchy man and while he liked to discuss religion, he didn’t often talk about God. He liked church and respected pastors and learned clergy. He liked 


Tools matter

Banging my head since Thursday against a UX job I’ve been working on in OmniGraffle (my go-to design tool for the last six or eight years — before that I was a pretty solid Illustrator person). Today I started the 



Photo: @__P__J (Twitter) I went on a memorial (and protest) ride this afternoon for Mark Angeles, a recent Reed grad and by-all-accounts Swell Guy who was killed by a distracted driver not terribly far from where we live. 100s of 


If you handed a driver a loaded gun…

This morning on my my commute I saw: a dude eating yogurt out of a cup with a spoon and turning the wheel with his knees. A woman turned 180° talking to someone in the backseat. ppl txting obvs OMG 


Good Enough

New iPhone battery + hard reset = PRACTICALLY NEW iPHONE. ca 2005 computers (laptops+desktops) became Good Enough and the only reason I buy a new one now is when something physically breaks (displays, usually, now that all the hard drives are 


Nunivak Island; Internet; Research; Humans

I got an email today from the granddaughter of a famous Nunivak Islander who was an important information source for my graduate research. (Unfortunately I had never met him, he had died about five years before I was on Nunivak 


Frustration and Ignorance

Ignorance in Django: “How do I make my app do [comically simple task]?” Ignorance in Drupal: “How did I get this far in over my head?”— PJ Souders (@axoplasm) January 19, 2015 I’m working on multiple platforms right