My dad died 17 days ago

I don’t think I’ve sufficiently processed this. Maybe because I probably spoke with him every other week, on average, so this is…you know…not an entirely outsize gap in our communication throughput. But today I had lunch 


Water + gravity + time

Several times in my fifth or sixth or seventh summers my dad would take me to work. Not at his office — which was at the state extension research station a mile or so up the irrigation access road from our 


You’re a Good Man

About twelve years ago, in the middle of my divorce, my father paid me the greatest compliment I have ever been given. I was at my life’s probable nadir and as an article of comfort he offered: “You’re 


Three tiny stories about Robin Williams

A tweet just reminded me I had rainbow suspenders. Totally forgot the rainbow suspenders. EVERY 9 YEAR OLD IN AMERICA IN 1980 had rainbow suspenders. Oh geez I had those too. “@third_brain: Fondly remembering my rainbow suspenders. #RobinWilliamsWillLiveOnForever”— PJ 



So yesterday I'm having lunch at the Daily cafe at ohsu after my orthopedic appt & kinda feeling sorry for myself bc my recovery plan makes racing cx unlikely this year & then a mom comes into the cafe 



report: this happened yesterday on on sw moody by the waterfront ohsu, on my homebound commute. young fella opened his car door right into me. i was moving pretty fast i might have gone OVER the door! luckily my laptop 


So many privileges

Some while ago I enumerated my privileges elsewhere. There are all the usual obvious ones: White Heterosexual Cisgender Male Able-bodied Neuronormative Within the range of medically-healthy body weight and height Of comfortable material means I realize I have other privileges 


Dude, not cool

So you’re a person with privileges who wants to be an ally. We can also assume you’ve read your 101 — but OK for now if you haven’t. You’ve read and pondered Shanley’s excellent HOWTO. You 


Etiquette for stranded cyclists

Scenario: a bike is broken down. Probably a flat tire. Bike and cyclist are on the roadside and might need a little help. You either own this bike and are sitting forlornly beside it, or you are riding at a 


Nunivak archaeology

Every great once in a while — like every 3 - 4 years — someone will contact me about my archaeological work. This week, a PhD student in Scotland needed some information related to my thesis. I just spent like 3 hours trying