Fifteen years ago today

I miss that Real Grownups (like Johnny Carson!) took seriously a gentle man in a turtleneck who spoke about “star stuff.”I miss that science was once considered a means by which to glimpse the divine.I miss a man 


A short rant: let’s downsize roads

The ongoing fracas about the ongoing budget stupidity of the Columbia River Crossing prompted me to write an awesome little rant. As a comment on BikePortland, natch. Which I thought was good enough to reiterate here for semi-posterity. Maybe, radical 


Fast and faster

Dave Moulton wants a bumper sticker: “I’m retired: Just go around me.” The whole thing is worth a read, it totally gets at the zen of traveling by bike.I’m not even retired and I find that the 


Oregon Field Guide — Cyclocross

  Filmed last year at Barton near Estacada. You can catch a glimpse of Orion and me at about 4:44. Brad’s right about this being the perfect course (IMO): epic runup, white-knuckle drops, pavement, gravel, and every kind 


I feel stupid, and contagious

So right now I’m listening to the excessive 4-disc reissue of NevermindNevermind is very much Of My Generation — I was just barely 20 when it came out — so I’ve kind of been avoiding the whole “20 years ago 


Your first cyclocross race

My friend Thom posted a longish and helpful blog post called Cyclocross for Beginners. BikePortland contributor Tori Bortman has written several primers about cyclocross. I’m sure there are other good resources. These are all fine but kind of long-winded 


The only thing I’m going to say about Steve Jobs

I’m a loooong time Apple fanboy — I have never owned another kind of computer, since my first Mac LC in 1991, and the first computers I ever used were Apple IIs about a decade earlier — and I have a 


This bike is a platform (thoughts for the Oregon Manifest)

In 2007, I bought this Soma Double Cross — notionally a cyclocross racing bike — for commuting. I fitted it with racks, full fenders, 32c touring tires, panniers, lights, the works. It has never been an awesome build. I have never loved 


Golf to work

So think of a passtime other than cooking, reading or watching TV that you like so much you do it voluntarily in your free time. Golf, for example. Imagine if you could golf to work. You’d pop off the 


Four variables

My life is a rather simple zero-sum equation with four variables.I play with my family. I work. I ride or fix my bicycles. I sleep about seven hours.That's it. Family, work, bicycles, sleep; repeat. If I do 


The one hour DC Tour

I’ve visited the capital cities of at least nine foreign countries but it took me 40 years to visit my own. I feared that between the conference I’m here to attend and the ongoing disaster I wouldn’t 


I wish I’d have learned more about work from my paper route

Tom Vanderbilt writes, in “The Rise and Fall of the American Paperboy” Ask a former paperboy about the job and you’re likely to summon a misty-eyed recollection of predawn bundling and knee-high snow. “Today it’s basically something that 


Grocery Ads Still Live in the 1950s

The hed on this Ad Age post is Survey Finds 51% of Men Are Primary Grocery Shoppers, but Few Believe Advertising Speaks to Them Can I get an “amen?”I find grocery ads actively off-putting. They project archaic gender roles