Web-log entries from 2010


Education as production line

This is a brilliant animation featuring education reform & creativity expert Ken Robinson. His central thesis is that all modern education systems are built on industrial-age models that are no longer appropriate. Take 12 minutes ...cont’d


I wish

I wish I knew how to surf, and how to make things with my own hands. I never tried the first and I fail repeatedly and miserably at the second.(Inspired by this interview with Jay ...cont’d


Don’t walk your bike up a hill

Tonight on my ride home up Montgomery Drive I passed a woman walking her bike up the hill. Don't ever do this.I've written previously about this hill and how I conquered it. Here’s my recipe ...cont’d


The thing about Drupal

I have not been feeling the Drupal love lately. Drupal seems hell-bent on making my designs as difficult as possible. I thought this reflected either a technical failure on Drupal's part, or a profound lack ...cont’d


“How then do I live it?”

Dave Moulton writes:Pro-cycling change is happening all over the US, and I believe it is partly because of this change that the non cycling public is kicking against it; people don’t like change.This is probably ...cont’d


Why I moved to Oregon

In 1994, when I was 23, I was shopping for graduate schools. I remembered a paper I’d read by U of O archaeologist Madonna Moss, “Shellfish and Gender.” So I applied to the U of ...cont’d


Teaching, for Non-Teachers

My wife is a teacher and I help her a lot with creating and planning computery classroom things. I used to work at a school, where I helped teacher create and plan computer classroom things. ...cont’d


Facebook, the new town directory

For two years in college (1990–1991) I shelved books at the University of Nebraska’s Love Library. One day I discovered a whole class of reference books I had no idea even existed: town directories. Love ...cont’d


What has it got in its pocketses?

I’m in Seattle right now for a web conference. When I travel I’m highly aware of my usual patdown routine. This is the thing I do every time I leave the house: I pat all ...cont’d


Three stories about “Tough + Fun”

ONEThis morning when I got the trailer loaded up in POURING FRICKING RAIN I thought “today is a ‘tough’ day, not a ‘fun’ day.” Before we even left the driveway I was defeating myself. I ...cont’d


Fun + Tough

Today, peopleforbikes.org asked me to share my ideas about “improving the future of cycling.” Here’s what I wrote them:Check out this ad, for the Gap: This ad for pants does more for bike advocacy and ...cont’d


Don’t make the stylesheet grep for you

For the last decade or so, every time I wanted to design something like a “subheader,” I’d code it like this: <h3 class="subheader">This is a subheader</h3> And then I’d define a style in the main ...cont’d


Mountain Bikes

Dave Moulton wrote today about the evolution of mountain biking. He asked for his readers’ “take on the period” — here’s mine:I grew up in rural Nebraska in the 1970s when banana seats gave way ...cont’d


Today I learned about Lady Gaga

...via a music-related internet discussion group consisting mainly of people I know in the Real World™ (i.e. 30- to 40-something white people, mostly male). Prior to today all I knew about Lady Gaga was the ...cont’d


Oregon’s new hands-free cel phone law

...has not apparently rendered Oregon drivers any less inattentive.I’m all YAY for this new law but it feels like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Hell, it feels like writing a strongly-worded letter to the ...cont’d