Web-log entries from 2005


The Champ

1990 Honda Civic, Runs, Sort of - $250 (SW Portland) Reply to: anon-xxxxxxxxx@craigslist.orgDate: 2005-07-24, 6:47PM PDT This is a Champagne (transl: “Gold”) 1990 Honda Civic 3-door STD model. Yes, the model number is actually “STD,” ...cont’d


The Utopian Creativity Machine™

I remember an episode of Star Trek where the crew were visiting the Bi-Weekly Ironic Techno-Utopian Planet™. In an offhand way, one of the Techno-Utopians demonstrated a Utopian Creativity Machine™ that could transform thought into ...cont’d


Information Anthropology

I call myself an “Information Anthropologist” because I can’t think of any other way to describe what I do. My business hovers over the intersection of graphic design, technology, and user experience. I could call ...cont’d


Snapshot: Spring, 1994

This photo tells me everything about being 22 years old, one year out of college, flat broke, living in an alley apartment with my friend Greg. I think Greg took it. Journalistic in composition, it ...cont’d


Ten Human Universals

As I Learned Them from Seven Years of Anthropology Classes Who you consider a “family member” is closely correlated with the list of individuals in whose proximity you regularly sleep. You need to eat a ...cont’d