Web-log archive: 2021


On this day twenty years ago

I have never bothered to record my memories of that day until today. Time has worn the memories smooth like river pebbles. They no longer cohere. I should have written this down, then.  cont’d



The cars get bigger and fancier and faster and safer but they stay exactly the same  cont’d


Farm roads

I grew up on a gravel road, and that’s still my favorite kind of road, and my favorite kind of landscape  cont’d


Heat Dome

No one asked but here’s my system for keeping a house cool in hot weather with minimal A/C  cont’d

Velodrome info center and leaderboard

Last Date At the Dairy

I allowed myself one last pity ride through Alpenrose after hearing the news. I regret every race I declined here. I regret that the only... cont’d


2020 never happened

It’s not so much that I keep forgetting oh it’s 2021 now, isn’t it, as that I’m not entirely sure 2020 happened at all.  cont’d