Activity rings


Of course after my last humblebrag about biking 20mi/day I’d come down with a health issue laser-targeted to keep me off the bike. I’ve barely ridden the last two weeks. Several days I had to drive at 


Five miles


Human beings are machines designed to walk. Before our ancestors could make art or sing or talk or make fire or use tools — indeed way before they were humans — they were walking. Our bodies have been designed over millions of 


Imagining and building


I’m working on a project right now with a UX designer who is way better than I am. She can think through use cases really thoroughly. I realized this is actually a failure of imagination on my part. And 


All my pretty web monsters, 2013–2019


Oh golly have the last six years been busy. Here are some webby/appy/emaily things I’ve touched. This is almost certainly not a complete list. This is also not a list of all my projects. It’s a 


Trolling Works


Every three or four years I’ll kick a hornet’s nest by saying something like: fellow front-end devs: if you ever feel intimidated by your back-end collaborators’ tech knowledge, remember that they cook up garbage like Bootstrap and JS 


Production constraints are design constraints


3 kids × (26 classmates + 2 teachers + 4 TAs) = 96 handmade Valentine’s Day cards. Last night the kids hauled out the Big Art Box to start making Valentine’s Day cards. Yo, kiddos, have you considered… 96 cards × 5min/card 


Textural roads, textural cars


I drove my car downtown to work today so now I totally get why all you people are such assholes. No but seriously I have driven downtown at rush hour a dozen times or so in the past year, but 


We are past groundhog day already


Usually I try to make a resolution of sorts at the end of January. This was inspired by the world’s most rewatchable movie. So this post is a thumbtack for the real post I’ll write later. Tomorrow. Mañana