Paul Souders, Generalist

Family, websites, bikes, Portland.

Latest in my web-log

My commute is so Portland it hurts

So my commute this morning looked like this: Ride with my kids on our bikes …from our tiny house in the trendy pedestrian-friendly neighborhood …past the duck pond …through Reed

Recentish work

CRS University


CRS University engages students, faculty, and staff in tangible acts of solidarity to build a more just and peaceful world. Design and front-end development, with Stagecoach Digital

CRS Faith Acts


Donate directly to small, high-impact programs that provide lasting solutions to poverty. A fresh new design and front-end build, with Stagecoach Digital

Stagecoach Digital


Simple-yet-beautiful homepage for a web creative/fundraising agency. Longscrolling parallax awesomeness, so popular with the kids these days!

See a few pre-2012 works in my janky old portfolio. Usual caveat about cobbler’s children applies.